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A walking journey taken over several days is often referred to as trekking.  Countries such as India, Nepal, Thailand and Peru are some of the more famous trekking destinations.  Many of the international visitors who come to Byron Bay have been trekking at stop-over points between Australia and the UK and Europe, or intend to go trekking on their way home.  Trekking is more associated with the youth market although it is a popular activity across all age groups.

Byron Bay

Diverse new Trekking products that borrow some of the great experiences of trekking overseas, reinterpreted with “Australia – The Ancient Planet” or “Rainbow Region” or “Sustainable and Alternative Lifestyles” themes, could be very popular with visitors to the region.

The product development possibilities are broad and well beyond just the youth demographic.  Products may include ‘Downhill from St Helena – The Easy Trek’, ‘Casino to Byron Bay – The Long Trek’, ‘Murwillumbar to Byron Bay – The World Heritage Trek’, ‘Eltham to Bangalow – The Historic Villages Trek’ and other products featuring seasonal highlights such as the harvest, bush-tucker, wildflowers, birdwatching and wildlife encounters.  Products could range in duration from half a day to a week or more.

Near St Helena

For more information about trekking in different parts of the world, you can visit World Expeditions, one of the Australia’s most experienced international trekking companies at: