A proposal to convert the railway corridor between Casino and Murwillumbah into a multi-use pedestrian way for walking, cycling, horse riding and as a venue for interpretative activities, festivals, events and eco-tourism.

Rail trails have become very popular all around the world.  They follow the route of disused railway lines and they have breathed new life into many towns and villages in many countries.  They provide communities with an attractive infrastructure that encourages community pride, volunteerism, social interaction and physical activity.  Tourism has also returned to many long forgotten areas, injecting much needed cash into struggling communities and creating new jobs.  Rail trails can improve the quality of life for so many people including those living with mobility restrictions and they can also be an ideal resource for parents wanting to spend quality time with their children in a safe, active and engaging way.  They have gentle gradients for all levels of ability and they provide long views of the trail ahead and behind.  Rail Trails provide valuable habitat, they reconnect remnant ecosystems and they act as corridors for a wide variety of wildlife including koalas.

This 132 kilometre rail trail would be unique for two key reasons.  It would be the only rail trail in the world that traverses a ‘World Heritage’ region and it also passes right through the heart of an internationally renown tourism hotspot, Byron Bay, which has more than four times the visitor nights volumes than Uluru and Kakadu combined.  This rail trail has the potential to generate an additional $100 million in annual tourism revenue for our region which would make it the most strategically valuable rail trail in the world.  For more information about this projection, go to the ‘Revenue’ page.