History will record The Greens' role in the rail trail debate.

Comment published in the Northern Star on Wednesday 21 January 2015

The Greens will have egg all over their faces when the rail trail delivers the goods and everyone starts to wonder how we ever lived without it. They will deserve to squirm over history recording that they opposed it!

There has never been a chink in the Greens' policy debate about the rail trail, at least since 2009 when I first started advocating the idea. The Greens tried desperately to shut me down in the media, they perpetuated falsehoods despite corrections being issued and they made bogus accusations about corruption and conspiracy.  They refused point blank to even view a presentation about the rail trail despite it being offered on numerous occasions. They didn't want to see it even to inform their own opposing views. 

The Greens have cynically hijacked the train debate for their own electioneering purposes for years but apart from actually opposing the rail trail, their policies on integrated public transport are either craftfully non-specific or delusionally unachievable.

They ring especially hollow in the face of alternative fuel technology that is going to become mainstream in the very near future. Roads and sustainable fuel are the future, the Greens seem lost in the past, not at all what you would expect of forward looking alternative political representation.


Dr Mehreen Faruqi (Greens spokesperson for transport), please open up the debate about supporting the rail trail. Political organisations often change their policies when confronted with undeniable practial realities. To hold out on an unrealistic lost cause just to save face or for some percieved electoral advantage is self-serving, it's a betrayal of the community. If this policy is changed, the Greens will again be embraced and only then will you be able to start rebuilding respect in the electorate, especially amongst your former loyalists.